Westbam 2018


Bigger  is better! Westbam will play in 2018 at the following major events:

15.7. Melt!  Sleepless Floor
28.7. Helene Beach Festival
4.8. Love Sea Festival
25.8. Hell Festival…..

Terminator Rework

Find on Toolrooms 15y compilation a brand new Compact Grey Re-Work of Westbams Terminator

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Save the Date – 2018, March 17

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The first international highlight in 2018 will be the 10th edition of Bass Planet in Sczeczin. Traditionally Westbam celebrates his birthday with Cherry and his friends in Sczeczin and the

Sato Sato

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Westbam contributed a remix for the „Das ist DAF“ Box of the Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft and remixed the 80ies anthem „Sato Sato“. The DAF box was immediately sold out and had to be reproduced.


Risky Sets Tour Europe

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The Risky Sets tour continues. After tour gigs in Japan, Russia, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Belgium, Croatia and Spain Westbam celebrates a tour through Poland and plays in numerous German clubs. Watchout!

Save the date!

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On Sept 10th, Westbam will perform on Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin-Hoppegarten.

The Last Man standing at the bar

Der Letzte an der Bar
Westbam and many other German musicstars participated in the project of  Henning Wehland (formerly known as singer oft he H-Blockxx) „Der letzte an der Bar“. Watch Westbam as singer from min. 4.17

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On his studio breaks between recordings for his next album, Westbam arranged some tracks with speech snippets from Donald Trump and Nigel Farage. We wouldn’t want to keep Fietback’s videos to these tracks from you.

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Maxrave II on September 24th at E-Werk

On September 24th, the second edition of the Maxrave will take place at the legendary nineties venue E-Werk in Berlin under the title “The Originators”. The Line-up consists of: Westbam, Moguai, Zombie Nation, Lady Waks, Hardy Hard, Dr. Motte, Housemeister, Tyree Cooper, DJ Jonzon, DJ Clé, Cherry.

Further info and Tickets at

Risky Sets Germany Tour

Risky Sets

Following his gig in Japan in early September, Westbam will go on a big tour through Germany, presenting a live set with several tracks from his next album. The release of “Risky Sets” has been announced for early 2017.

9.9.16 MÜnchen, Heart Club

10.9.16  Köln, Gewölbe

17.9.16 Hannover, Bellawuppdich

24.9.16 Berlin, E-Werk Maxrave

1.10.16 Magdeburg, Club Epic

2.10.16 Hamburg, Übel und Gefährlich

7.10.16 Wuppertal, Butan

8.10.16 Dresden, Blauer Salon