“Do you believe in the Westworld” is Westbam’s last LP released on Low Spirit with an innovative presentation concept. Westbam goes on tour with a band and this irritates many of his fans. Together with Superpitcher, he releases “It’s Not Easy” and creates a hymn about the crisis in the music industry where sales are down as a result of illegal downloads. 

In Berlin, the event “Westbam vs. Paul van Dyk” at Arena is one of the best parties of the year. Westbam gets a radio show with “Eins Live Rocker” on WDR that still runs today.



Do You Believe In The Westworld 
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Westbam – Do you believe in the westworld (LP/CD)

Westbam – Bang the Loop
Westbam – It´s not easy

Ich und Ich – Du erinnerst mich an Liebe (Remix)
Northern Lite – Reach the Sun (Westbam Remix)

Members of Mayday – Prototypes
MOM – Speicher 27