Since 2001, Westbam and Jankuhn are the only hymn composers for the Love Parade under the name Love Committee. Westbam organises an art exhibition with the title “Sittengemälde” where photos of raves, ravers and after-hour parties are presented on the big screen. The Westbam remix of “Ich will” from Rammstein is released. 

Mayday celebrates its 10th birthday in Westphalia Hall Dortmund and the Members of Mayday have another big hit with “10 in 01″. With Afrika Islam, he releases his first loop record on Electric Kingdom. Westbam himself works on his new album that is increasingly influenced by punk and rock´n´roll. 



Rammstein – Ich will (Westbam Remix)
Kissogram vs. Woody – If I had known this before (Westbam Hi-Tech Remix)
Jan Delay – Vergiftet (Westbam Club Mix)
Ton, Steine, Scherben – Rauchhaus (Westbam Remix)

Love Committee – You can´t stop us
Members of Mayday – 10 in 01
Mr. X and Mr. Y – Butterloops