In January, Westbam’s electropogo remix of the old hit “Computerstaat” is released, marking a new creative phase. Punk influences return to all forms of electronic music that later leads to the start of the new sub-label Road Rage. “Computerstaat” is included in the Pop 2000 compilation with major German artists reinterpreting classic German pop music.

A remix of the classic “F1- 11″ from Sigue Sigue Sputnik follows. Mayday is staged for the first time in Poland. The events of 11 September with the destruction of the World Trade Center mark the end of the fun society era. This is also felt in the music scene. 



Westbam – Love Bass

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Missile F1-11 (Westbam Remix)
3 Phase – Der Klang der Familie (Westbam Remix)

Mr. X and Mr. Y – Global Players
Mr. X and Mr. Y – 4 Turntables and a Microphone (Mix CD/Electric Kingdom)
Westbam & Dr. Motte One World. One Love (Love Parade Anthem)
Members of Mayday – Datapop )