This year Westbam and Afrika Islam have their biggest hit, “New World Order”, while “What´s Up at the Brotherfront” and “Viva La Revolucion” are club hits. The releases on Electric Kingdom reach their highpoint and the label is a trendsetter.

In 1999 “Beat Box Rocker” is released, a Westbam all-time classic with the man himself dressed as a cardinal in the video that causes a sensation when it appears on Tops of the Pop.




Westbam – Beat Box Rocker

Westbam feat. TL Pimps – Do the Rambo
Westbam & Dr. Motte – Music ist the Key
Members of Mayday – Soundtropolis
Mr. X and Mr. Y – New World Order
Mr. X and Mr. Y – Viva la Revolucion