Westbam compiles the Electric Kingdom double CD “Electro Crash 98″ and Electric Kingdom goes on tour throughout Germany. “Electro Crash” has a huge influence on the electroclash genre that becomes a trend in the following years. Westbam forms the I.F.O (Identified Flying Objects) project with his role model Afrika Bambataa and has a big hit with “Agartha – City of Shamballah”. 

Mayday takes place for the last time in Berlin and continues in Dortmund. Westbam forms the Takbam project with Takkiyu Ishino and releases “Elektronische Tanzmusik”.



Westbam – Crash Course

Afrika Bambataa And The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (Westbam Remix)
Moby – Honey (Westbam & Hardy Hard Remix)
RMB & Sharam – Shadows (Westbam Remix)
Wu Tang Clan – Reunited (Westbam Remix)
Resistance D. – Human (Westbam Remix)

Westbam and Africa Bambaaataa present I.F.O – Agartha
Westbam & Dr. Motte – One World. One Future.
Members of Mayday – Save the Robots
Tak Bam – Elektronische Tanzmusik