The start of post-modern techno. Westbam’s techno-electro is the combination of techno, electro, disco, house und New Wave elements und pre-empts the 80s revival that follows. He forms the project Mr. X And Mr. Y with the hip hop legend Afrika Islam fusing techno and hip hop together.

The Love Parade is hosted on “Straße des 17. Juni” in Berlin for the first time and has over one million ravers for the first time ever. In the same year, Westbam is awarded the Culture Prize from the “BZ” Berlin newspaper together with Vivian Westwood and Mario Adorf and becomes the first DJ to receive this honour.



Westbam – Born To Bang
Westbam – Terminator
Westbam – Ich bin Ein Bassliner

Mr. X and Mr. Y – The Nite of the Tschuldigungs
Members of Mayday – The Day X
Members of Mars – Live from Mars