The second Mayday at Cologne Ice Rink is the biggest rave ever in continental Europe with over 12,000 guests. For Love Parade, Westbam is a joint organiser of the legendary Love Nation Parties, the biggest party after the parade. With “Mayday Anthem”, he starts his career as a composer of hymns which put the essence of the event into a piece of music and carries it as a fanfare throughout the world. 

The songs from the Members of Mayday are an integral part of Westbam’s works. The Mayday Anthem is a precursor to the coming techno pop era. But Westbam is never a one dimensional artist: At the same time he creates “Endlos”, a minimalist track that in 1992 presents and anticipates the sound of the counter-movement to pop techno represented by labels such as Basic Channel.



Westbam – The Mayday Anthem
Westbam – Found A Lover/My Life of Crime
Westbam – Let yourself Go
Westbam – Forward Ever, Backward Never

The Hypnotist – This house is mine (Westbam Mix)
Random Noise Generation – Falling in Dub (Westbam Remix)
Jam & Spoon – How Stella Got Her Groove Back (westbam mix)

Endlos – Endlos