Westbam releases his 2nd album “A Practising Maniac At Work” which provides tracks like “I Can’t Stop” for Love Parade 1991 that is considered to be the German Summer of Love and finally achieves a breakthrough for techno-house. Techno clubs open all over Germany and many of these discos still only play techno today – the German house and techno movement is born. 

In Autumn he becomes joint founder of Mayday, the first big German rave, where 5,000 ravers congregate at Weissensee Hall in December 1991.



A Practising Maniac at Work
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LP Westbam– A practising maniac at Work

Westbam – Hold Me Back
Westbam – Rock the House

Westbam- The Roof is On Fire (U.S. Remixes)
Westbam – Rock the House (Electro Latino Mix)
Westbam – I can´t stop Remixes

Fuck the Industry and Motherfuck Radio, Man!/
No Vocals Necessary Movement – This is B.U.G!
Kick Ass Project – Always High, Never Down