The fall of the Berlin Wall gives an enormous boost to the Berlin scene. Techno-house becomes the music of liberation for East Berlin youth and there are now many new party locations in the Eastern part of the city. Westbam starts up B.U.G. Records, a new label for the sound of the city that is getting increasingly harder after the fall of the wall. Hits like “Fuck the Industry”, “Mutherfuck Radio, Man – This is B.U.G.” and “Always High, Never Down” were hits in clubs like UFO and the Tekknozid parties. With his Low Spirit release “Hold Me Back”, he has a very early progressive house hit. “Alarm Clock” is a prototype of the breakbeat genre that does not yet exist. “The Roof is on Fire” reaches number 5 in the US dance charts.

Westbam goes on an extended US tour including Detroit, Miami and New York, where the new European dance music is presented to an amazed US audience for the first time. Original quote from DJ Stud: “I don’t know what it is, but I like the energy”. In Germany, the Westbam slogan “No More Fucking Rock´n´Roll” becomes the motto of the new movement. 




Westbam – No More Fucking Rock´n´Roll
Westbam – The Roof is on Fire
Westbam – Alarm Clock – Hold Me Back
Westbam – Der Bundespräsidenten-Mix/Der Pink Panther Mix

Phillip Boa – This is Michael (Westbam Remix)
Fehlfarben – Ein Jahr (Es geht voran/Westbam Remix)

Vox Mystica – Callas