Westbam is booked at the biggest raves such as Sunrise and Decadence as well as the leading clubs in England such as Rage at Heaven, Alphabet Street at the Astoria, Milk Bar and the Wag Club. He also has many international dates in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. In Berlin he plays at the UFO Club while in Frankfurt he is booked for the first acid house party at the Omen. Influenced by the English Summer of Love in 1988, the first Love Parade is born with the motto “Peace, Joy and Pancakes” of which Westbam is one of the founding fathers of DJs with Dr. Motte, Jonzon and Kid Paul. 

In 1989 Westbam’s first album “The Cabinet” is released and he enjoys his first chart success in Deutschland with “And Party”. Low Spirit becomes the first continental European label to be distributed directly in England. The Westbam remix of Deskee’s “Let there be House” is number 1 in the US Billboard Dance Charts.



The Cabinet LP
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Westbam – The Cabinet LP

Westbam – Saxophone
Westbam – Hold Me Back
Westbam – Cold Stomper
Westbam – And Party


Westbam – Monkey Say, Monkey Do (Remix)
Deskee – Let there be house (Westbam Remix)
2 Live Crew – We want some pussy (Remix)