Westbam’s Disco Riot concept becomes reality with the emerging rave movement from England. His 12 inch record “Monkey Say Monkey Do” becomes one of the biggest hits of the legendary Summer of Love in England and one of the early hits of the new acid/techno/house genre. Westbam is invited by the Goethe Institute to DJ as the official German Cultural Ambassador at the Olympic Games in Seoul together with artists like Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel) and Thomas Fehlmann (Palais Schaumburg/The Orb). 

The South Korea tour leads to the “Westbam Live in Seoul” LP. “Macht der Nacht” moves to Munich and enjoys great success there.



Westbam & Popular Mechaniks – Live in Leningrad EP
Westbam in Seoul LP

Westbam – Disco Deutschland EP
Westbam – Monkey Say, Monkey Do