(Deutsch) Big in Japan – Westbam auf Spiegel TV !

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5 Responses to “(Deutsch) Big in Japan – Westbam auf Spiegel TV !”

  1. Phil says:

    Cooler Beitrag. Wie heißen die ersten beiden Tracks von Westbam die gespielt werden? Direkt am Anfang und dann kurz danach.


  2. Marcel DHoe says:

    Dear Westbam,i am so sad to read this :( I have always been a Member Of Mayday. My first Mayday party i did was april 30 1995 in the Dortmunder Westfalenhalle with Outsoon Belgium. Since that night i was a Mayday addict and i returned to Mayday 10 times in a row,untill december 1999. That was my last Mayday party. I always felt the true Maydayspirit and i NEVER needed any drugs at all because the music itself made me high enough. It was something unique,something no one can describe who hasn’t been there ! I’ve seen and heard a lot of great dj’s and live acts such as Marusha,Jam & Spoon,dj Hell,Jens Mahlstedt,Sunbeam, Hardfloor,and Westbam and Members of Mayday offcourse,to name a few. These great artists are the reason i purchased professional Roland gear such as Gaia SH 01 and groovebox MC 808 and Sonar X1 to make my own trance and hardtrance tracks. But you are so right. mayday wasn’t Mayday anymore so i stopped going in the year 2000. Now i feel like someone very close to me has died. But forever and ever i will always cherish what i have experienced there and i will always keep listening to my favourite Mayday music,the past 20 years,and the upcomming 20 years too ! I allready said thank you in person to Jens Mahlstedt,Jens Lissat,Ramon Zenker and Nils Ruzicka (my alltime favourites Mega ‘Lo Mania),and to Cocooma for giving me so much joyfull music the past 20 years,so i would like to say to you THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FANTASTIC MUSIC YOU GAVE ME THE PAST 20 YEARS TOO. Mayday has always been a part of me,not only in my heart,but even more in my soul,and it always will be. Sincerely sad greetings,your Member of Mayday,Marcel.

  3. nessaya says:

    U R GREAT!!! THANK U <3

  4. Fietz says:

    Well never stop living this way

  5. Stephan says:

    Wenn uns als Technogemeinde die seit jahren immer noch fortwährende Kommerzialiesierung und der damit verbundene Werteverfall schon so schwer im Magen liegen, wie groß muss die Last für jemanden sein,
    dessen Idee es war sowas wie die Mayday zu erschaffen, dessen Leben die Musik ist.
    Techno ist für viele nur Musik, für manche nicht mal das. Für uns war es eine Aussage, ein Lebensgefühl.
    Wir danken Dir Max und allen die immer noch treu sind.

    we’ll never stop living this way – we are different