WestBam | “Right On”

“Right On”

Artist: WestBam
Titel: Right On
Format: 3×12″ I CD
Released: 3×12″ 09.09.02 I CD 09.09.02


1. Recognize 2:58 min  
2. Inner City Front 4:00 min  
3. Roots.Rock.Riot* 3:24 min  
4. Coras Corner 6:35 min  
5. World Rebellion Plan 3:15 min  
6. Oldschool, Baby 3:59 min  
7. Psycholectro 4:32 min  
8. The Disco in my Head 5:20 min  
9. 4th Floor 5:15 min  
10. Right On** 4:04 min  
11. Air Max 4:50 min  
12. Bleiben und Abfahren 5:18 min  
13. Backstage Kings 5:19 min  


A1. Right On** 3:52 min  
A2. Oldschool, Baby 1:32 min  
A3. Recognize 2:59 min  
B1. Psycholectro 5:02 min  
B2. Inner City Front 4:30 min  
C1. Roots.Rock.Riot* 4:18 min  
C2. World Rebellion Plan 3:59 min  
D. Right On Loops    
E1. 4th Floor 5:18 min  
E2. The Disco in my Head 6:07 min  
F1. Coras Corner 6:38 min  
F2. Air Max 1:25 min  

Words by WestBam
Music by WestBam and Klaus Jankuhn
Published by Low Spirit Music
(c) + (p) 2002 Low Spirit Recordings GmbH

„Recognize“ – Vocals performed by Afrika Islam;
Guitars performed by Ilan Grünbaum

„Roots.Rock.Riot“ – Words by WestBam and
Jan Delay; Music by WestBam and Klaus Jankuhn;
Vocals performed by Jan Delay; Jan Delay
copyright control

„World Rebellion Plan“ – Guitars performed by
Claude Guitar Bangkok Watson Chevalier

„Oldschool, Baby“ – Vocals performed by Nena

„Right On“ – Vocals performed by Celina Bostic

„Air Max“ – Written by WestBam, Klaus Jankuhn,
Rainald Goetz; Words by WestBam; Vocals performed by
Inga Humpe; Music inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach;
Lyrics inspired by L.U.P.O.; Track titled by
Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre

(c) + (p) 2002 Low Spirit Recordings GmbH

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